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Oystercatcher WEBCAM

Videostreaming using Windows media player

  1. Start windows media player (Start > Run > wmplayer)
  2. Choose File > Open URL and write

It is also possible to run it embedded here.

Videostreaming using VideoLanClient (VLC). Recommended

VLC is free software for video streaming, released under the GNU General Public License. Using it is accordingly for free.

To use is start download VLC from and install it.

Unicast videostream
If your ISP does not support multicast you can use unicast in VLC. To do it follow these steps:

  1. File > Open Network Stream
  2. Paste in the open field.

Multicast videostream
This is the preferred way to stream video because of lower load on the videoserver. Unfortunately, not all internet service providers (ISP) supports multicast so this may not be possible.

The multicast stream of the oystercatcher can be viewed by doing this:
  1. File > Open Network Stream
  2. Choose Network
  3. Choose UDP/RTP Multicast with address and port 24000
An alternative is just to write udp://@ in Open field.