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Oystercatcher webcam 2010

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vikki (2010-06-01 00:56:00)
ja hvor er kyllingvernet når du virkelig trenger de !!!

Arild ( (2010-05-31 10:53:00)
Årets tjeldsesong er nå slutt. Vi kommer til å oppdatere hvordan det går med familien på taket her på denne siden.

Cathrine (2010-05-31 10:08:00)
Jeg har ikke sett noen av dem på taket, men i går så jeg Kjellaug på plena mellom matnat og Høgskolen, der hun var svært ivrig opptatt med å lirke meitemark opp av jorda:D

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18.05.2010 The Constitution Day festivities have come and gone and we had a lovely day on the roof yesterday (except for the annoying 30 minute long firework bonanza in the evening from the nearby City Park). The days seem endlessly monotonous at times, so both Kjell and I are looking forward to when the chicks hatch and a bit more action. This year we are incubating 2 eggs and we're excited to see if both will hatch. We had a visit from the Webcam guys today, who moved the camera bit closer and removed a piece of glass (that we had collected).

10.05.2010 It's cold and damp in Bergen. There was even a snowstorm this morning! So both the nest and I were blanketed in snow. I think the eggs will be just fine as long as Kjell and I can manage to keep them warm at all times.

05.05.2010 It's now been several days since the last egg was laid and incubation is in full swing. Kjell is doing his part in incubating the eggs as well, but I must say he doesn't pitch in as quite as much as I do. It's simply lovely when he takes over the nest for a bit, as I get a chance to stretch my legs and grab a bite to eat. As of today, you can watch us in live video stream directly from the website.

29.04.2010 Last night I lay egg number two and due to the recent low temperatures, I've already started to sit on the nest and incubate quite a bit. Usually I'd not bother to incubate continuously until all the eggs were laid.

28.04.2010 Welcome back to the roof of the 'Realfagbygget' in the middle of Bergen and to a new nesting season for myself, Kjellaug, and my mate Kjell. The webcam was up for testing as early as last week, so please be patient if the angle seems a bit odd for now. Today, I lay my first egg but won't be incubating properly until the second or even third eggs are laid.