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Oystercatcher WEBCAM

Summary of the breeding in 2006

The chick is about 15 hours old. Snapshot from the webcam 28 May 2006, 15:15.
Enduring a heavy hail storm. Snapshot from the webcam 24 May 2006, 14:37.
Incubation relief. Snapshot from the webcam 11 May 2006, 15:28.

28 June 2006: For the first time the youngster was seen away from the roof! The parents have introduced the small patches of grass around the "nest-building" to it.

26 June 2006: The parents are still bringing food for the chick to the roof. A picture of the male with its prey (an Earth Worm) from today here.

1 June 2006: During last night the Oystercatchers abandoned the nest, and left two eggs unhatched. At 16:30 today we collected the two remaining eggs. When opening them we found that both eggs were not fertilized. See a picture of an opened egg here.

31 May 2006: Almost three days after the chick hatched, the parents are still incubating. They have started feeding the little one with worms (Lumbricidae), and it looks very fit so far. Hopefully there will be one or two more chicks from the remaining eggs, but the probability for that gets less every day. In 2005 only one chick hatched as well. Read the 2005 summary here.

28 May 2006: The first chick has hatched! It probably happened during last night (between 24:00 and 03:00). Right now the parents will incubate for one or two more days, depending on what happens to the two other eggs. The first pictures can be viewed by entering the "snapshots" option in the top-menu.

19 May 2006: An article about the project was published in Studvest, "Tjelden er tilbake" (only in Norwegian)

16 May 2006: An article about the project was published in the local university newspaper, P Hyden: "Its back: Tjeld II" (only in Norwegian)

15 May 2006: A page with video snapshots is available. Just click "Video snapshots" on the top menu.

11 May 2006: The webcamera is online! A new feature of the year is live video feeds! Click on "Live video" on the top menu.

10 May 2006: The Oystercatchers have already completed the egg-laying, and are incubating three eggs now. The webcamera was mounted with a minor disturbance today, and during tomorrow we will publish both the pictures and a videofeed. The nest site is at another spot than i 2005. Have a look at a photo of the roof with the nests marked here.

27 April 2006: We have heard the Oystercatchers calling from the roof for a month now, and went up there to check whether they have started the egg-laying. We did not find anyting else than two piles of gravel, probably made by the male. The male was present (picture to the right), but we did not see the female.

27 March 2006: The Oystercatchers were heard calling from the roof for the first time.